Industrial Automation Solution

release time:2017-10-27
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Haitianxiong industrial automation solution is aimed to reduce the project development time and cost of customers, improve user experience, create a new factory future.

Demand Analysis

Industrial automation is a core element of Industry 4.0. Nowadays, factories face the need of wisdom internet systems that connect to cloud servers to drive greater productivity, agility, and responsiveness through big data analytics. As an intelligent industrial automation equipment, it must have the features of high efficiency, real-time, easy system implementation. Haitianxiong industrial automation solutions combine rich multimedia and human-computer interface capabilities with seamless I / O interfaces and wireless connectivity to create a network of devices and products that can be quickly customized to work in complex, harsh environments surroundings.

Core Application

Haitianxiong Industrial Automation Solutions can greatly reduce the development time of complex IOT system projects such as data acquisition, monitoring and control, data analysis, data visualization and M2M applications.

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