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All-In-One Panel PCs adopts Rockchip new generation of superior performance RK3288 Cortex-A17 quad-core application processor, frequency up to 1.8GHz, internally integrated Mali-T764GPU, equipped with 10.1inch HD LCD screen, multi-point high-sensitivity capacitive touch, body design with HDMI, UART, USB, LAN and other application interfaces, fully suitable for industrial equipment, vehicle control,intelligent self-service terminal, self-service vending machine, financial system,etc.


● With ultra-thin and simple design, high-end aluminum alloy panels, cold-rolled sheet metal backshell, safe and sturdy

● Excellent performance, can be embedded in any industrial equipements and deployed in harsh and complex environments

● Based on Rockchip RK3288 quad-core processor, 1.8GHz frequency

● Users can customize RAM and eMMC capacity as needed

● 4K UHD video resolution capability, support for 4K HDMI digital multimedia output and dual-screen display

● Integrated body design,fanless, noiseless and low power consumption, perfectly displays the function and industrial designs


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