【New Product】 IOT Innovation Training Platform

release time:2021-10-07
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IOT intelligent innovation training platform is a a high specification IOT application training experimental device which is designed closely around the IOT project curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. According to IOT project scenarios, it is configured with intelligent environment detection system, intelligent street lighting applications system, community security application system, intelligent agriculture application system, smart home application system and other functional modules. Taking super-performance 64-bit eight-core A53 embedded processor as an intelligent terminal, it supports RS485-MODEBUS, ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth and other protocols so as to fully meet the needs of students and teachers in the study and study of the IOT three-tier technology.


IOT intelligent innovation training device consists of practice training cabinet, gateway, computer and sensor, equipped with ZigBee wireless sensor terminal as well as multiple group sensor modules which communicated through RS485. IOT intelligent innovation training platform is divided into six modules, a group of intelligent gateways, the other five groups for a comprehensive experiment of multiple sensors. Operational experiments with the characteristics of high comprehensive and full range, which may fully meet the IOT professional training demand. Teachers and students can conduct a comprehensive experiment according to their own needs.


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