Application of ARM AM335X Industrial Control SOC Module in Medical Monitor

release time:2017-10-27
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Monitor Function Requirements

The monitor provides important patient information for medical clinical diagnosis. Through various functional modules, important parameters such as ECG, heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, respiratory rate and body temperature can be detected in real time and monitored. Information storage and transmission is an important device for patient monitoring.

◆ Through signal detection and pre-processing module, system transmits biomedical signals into electrical signals, and have interference suppression,       signal filtering and amplification as well as other pre-treatment

◆ Through the data extraction and processing module for sampling, quantification, and calculation of the parameters

◆ The result is compared with the set threshold to supervise the alarm, and the result data is stored to RAM in real time

◆ Real-time display of each parameter value

◆ Physiological parameters are transmitted to medical central control center via wired communication for remote monitoring

◆ The introduction of wireless communication technology to achieve wireless data transmission monitor movement

Monitor system structure

Recommend Solution


CES-AM335X Industrial SOC Module
◆ Texas Instruments AM335X ARM Cortex-A8 industrial grade processor
◆ Provide RS485, CAN industrial bus interface
◆ Provide dual Gigabit Ethernet
◆ Support 24 RGB, LVDS LCD screen
◆ Rich peripheral interfaces to meet the expansion of the monitor needs
◆ With the feature of compact, high stability, cost advantages etc

◆ Structure Size: 50 * 45mm

◆ Working temperature: -45 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

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