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Cortex-A15 Teaching Platform

As the fourth generation of embedded teaching platform of Haitianxiong, CES-EDU5260 has the characteristics of pioneering, professional, highly integrated and rich in functions. The platform covers key technologies as embedded computer, embedded hardware interface and embedded system software. The hardware motherboard adopts the flexible core board + expansion board mode, the core board integrates the embedded microprocessor, memory chipset, flash memory chipset and power management circuit. The expansion board is composed of embedded hardware interface, onboard function and extended function module. Hardware interfaces include USB, I2C, UART, SPI, HDMI, LAN and so on. On-board MINI-PCIE interface, with SIM card slot, support for 3G mobile communications, 4G mobile communications module, extended WiFi wireless network, GPS navigation, Bluetooth and other innovative applications functional modules.

The embedded mainstream Android and Linux dual operating system software package are provided. Open resources to meet the teaching, researching, innovation and other applications. The supporting experimental tutorial is also available. Based on hardware and software of the fourth generation of embedded teaching platform equipment, it can be applied in the laboratories of computer application technology, electronic information engineering, software engicutting-edgeeering to set up experimental course as embedded OS experimental course, embedded Linux OS course , embedded Android OS course ,JAVA program practice course ,C language program practice course etc.


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