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Cortex-A8 Teaching Platform

CES-EDU210 teaching experiment platform is a complete embedded teaching experiment system launched by Haitianxiong Electronic for Senior Education Institute. The experimental system includes software and hardware resources. At the same time, the teaching platform is equipped with Embedded Cortex-A8 Advanced Experiment Course as experimental teaching material for colleges and universities according to the requirements of university experimental outline and the suggestions of experts and professors in teaching field.

CES-EDU210 teaching platform configuration ARM Cortex-A8 core processor, superior processing performance, 1GHz frequency speed, ARM V7 instruction set. 64/32-bit internal bus structure, 32 / 32KB data / instruction L1 cache, 512KB of L2 cache, can achieve 2000DMIPS (computing 200 million instruction sets per second) high-performance computing power. Built-in MFC multi-format codec system, support for MPEG-1/2/4, H.263, H.264 format video codec, JPEG hardware codec. Maximum support 8000 * 8000 resolution, built-in high-performance PowerVR SGX540 3D graphics expansion of resources, excellent multimedia processing capabilities, rich functional interface, scalable functional modules, which will greatly promote the ability of students innovative thinking.

The operating systems supported by CES-EDU210 teaching platform are: Google Android 4.0, Windows Embedded CE6.0 R3, and Linux 3.2.0, with open software resources provided.


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